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Are you looking for a legal job posting site? Then you are at the right place. Get relevant responses to your job ads with our job posting service.

We provide legal job posting services in the United States. So you can find the right legal employees for your work. For an employer, hiring a good employee is the most complex and time-consuming task.

So we at, make this process easy for you. With our service, you can reach 10,000+ active seekers and 1.2 million passive seekers for legal jobs.

Moreover, when you post a job on our site, we will help you find quality legal professionals from a pool of applications.

Why Should You Work With Us?

There are many job posting sites available on the internet due to which you might have a question of why you should work with us. What made us different from other websites?

Not all job posting sites are legal job posting sites. Usually, big job posting sites like LinkedIn and Indeed work on all types of job niches. Whereas we only focus on legal jobs like Attorney, Counsel, Paralegal, and Legal assistant.

So by working with us, you can access only legal employees who are searching for a job. Below we have listed some reasons why you should work with us instead of any other job posting site.

Get Great Applications Fast

We use our data and algorithms to show your job to employees who have the proper skill set and experience that you are searching for. By doing this, you will only get the relevant replies, and it became easier for you to find the right person for your job.

Easily Review the Applicants

With the help of our user-friendly platform, you can quickly review all the applications. Moreover, with the help of our tools, you easily filter out the selected applications. If you found any good applicant for your work, then you can instantly start communication with that person.

Easy to Post

You do not need to spend an hour to post a job on our site. You only need to fill a basic form in which you need to enter information about job details and your company. Once you fill the form, just post your application and wait for the employees to find you. Furthermore, the best thing is that we don'tcharge any money from you to post a job on our site. 

Excellent Customer Support

We are always ready to solve your problems. If you face any problem with our service or have any hiring related or other queries, you can contact us, and we will reply to you ASAP. 

How It Works?

1. Post Your Job

Fill the job posting form and tell us what type of employee you are looking for. In the form, please provide all the necessary details so we can find suitable applicants for your job.

2. Come in Front of the Right People

Once you post a job, we will show it to the right applicants. We have various active users who are constantly searching for jobs. So as per your job requirements, we will outreach your post to the right people.

3. Receive and Review Applications

Receive all the legal job seeker application in your dashboard and filter them as per your requirement. Review all the good application and then contact the people that seem right for your job. If everything goes well, then you can hire the right employee for your organization.

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